IFIP WG 10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance

The Working Group is aimed at identifying and integrating approaches, methods and techniques for specifying, designing, building, assessing, validating, operating and maintaining computer systems which should exhibit dependability attributes, such as reliability, availability, safety and security. Several Working Group activities are related to the AMADEOS ones, so cross-fertilization is expected in the following directions:

  • Understanding of faults (accidental faults, intentional faults) and their effects.
    •  Related AMADEOS topics: SoS Conceptual Model, SySML Profile.
  • Specification and design methods for dependability.
    •  Related AMADEOS topics: Architectural Framework, Design Methodology.
  • Methods for error detection and processing, and for fault treatment.
    • Related AMADEOS topics: Architectural Framework, Architectural Building-Blocks.
  • Validation (testing, verification, evaluation) and design for testability and verifiability.
    • Related AMADEOS topics: validation of the architecture framework, design methodology, prototype tools.


CPSoS is a 30-month support action under the FP7-ICT programme towards a European roadmap on research and innovation in engineering and management of cyber-physical Systems of Systems. The final outcomes of the project aim to be:

  • Identification of industrial & societal needs and of the state of the art of tools and theories for cyber-physical SoS
  • Identification of synergies, open issues and promising trans-disciplinary research directions, which will go into work programs of the EU, national funding programs, etc.
  • Building up a network of key researchers and application domain experts in the area
  • Stimulate the take-up of research by industry (vendors and end-users)
  • Raise public awareness of the impact of research on systems of systems engineering, analysis and control


INCOSE WP on “Object-Oriented SE Method” and “System of Systems”

  • INCOSE WG on Object-Oriented SE Method. The purpose of this WG is to advance the use of the Object‐Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM) in support of Model‐Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), while providing input to the ongoing development of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). It aims to improve the practice of model‐based systems engineering by applying concepts, notations, and methods that:
    • Support capture, analysis and understanding of complex systems specifications and design;
    • Improve integration between systems, software, hardware, test, and other engineering disciplines;
    • Facilitate system‐, element‐, and component‐level reuse and design evolution.
  • INCOSE WG on System of Systems. The purpose of the working group is to advance and promote the application of Systems Engineering to Systems of Systems (SoS), often referred to as SoS Engineering (SoSE). More specifically, to promote application of SE to SoS through:
    • Understand and share what we mean by SoS in our various contexts;
    • Develop guidance and advice;
    • Inform and up-skill practitioners;
    • Exert influence on BKCASE, Standards, SE Vision etc.;
    • Develop the practice of SE for SoS;
    • Work in partnership with other groups addressing aspects of SoS (e.g. INCOSE WGs, IEEE, NDIA);
    • Understand and apply insights from relevant research;