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AMADEOS: Architecture for Multi-criticality Agile Dependable Evolutionary Open System-of-Systems

AMADEOS is a collaborative project funded under the European Commission’s FP7. The project started in October 2013 and will end in September 2016. Our consortium consists of 6 academic and industrial partners from 4 different european countries.

The objective of AMADEOS is to bring time awareness and evolution into the design of System-of- Systems (SoS), to establish a sound conceptual model, a generic architectural framework and a design methodology, supported by some prototype tools, for the modeling, development and evolution of time-sensitive SoSes with possible emergent behaviors. Special emphasis is placed on evolution, emergence, dependability (e.g. safety, availability) and security, considering embedded devices and the cloud as the execution platform.

The concept of evolution will be addressed from two complementary perspectives, considering both long-term evolution and short-term unexpected changes (e.g., failures) in the constituent systems. The project starts with a study of fielded industrial SoSs, where the handling of time and the evolution aspects will be in the center of the analysis, in the domains of disaster management, transport, and smart grid applications.

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